Learn from a voice over pro how to sound like a voice over pro.

“Seriously. This could not be more easy to understand, and I honestly didn’t think I’d EVER be able to wrap my brain around this stuff. An ABSOLUTE must.”

Jay PrestonVoice Over Pro

“This is the course you’re looking for. The Audition Ready Online course is extremely valuable information that’s delivered in a way that can be easily understood by anyone. If you are in the VO business you NEED a course like this if you don’t already have an extensive background in sound. It’s essential.”

Matt DavisVoice Over Pro

The online version of this course includes everything you’d learn in the one-on-one version and more. Easily learn about acoustics, noise mitigation and cancellation, EQ, compression, downward expansion, proper mic placement and techniques, input/output levels, editing techniques and much, much more. There are currently 300+ students enrolled and counting. There is also a dedicated Facebook group where students interact, ask questions, special content is dropped and comprehension contests are held. If you’re serious about your voice over career, you need to understand the technical side of your journey. Click below for more details and a FREE EQ VIDEO LESSON.

Or maybe you feel as though you need more personalized attention. Then please read on…


(Membership to the Audition Ready Online Audio Course is automatically included when enrolled in the one-one-one version)

“Tim’s the real deal! He knows his stuff and can take you from “zero” to “hero” in no time! I’m a repeat client and my auditions – and more importantly my jobs – are getting rave reviews!”

Dani StatesVoice Over Pro

“One of the best moves I could make as a voice over artist was to take private lessons with Tim the VO Tech Guru.  He made it very easy for me to understand the complexity of how to process my audio or “kiss it” as he likes to say and take it to the next level to make my auditions stand out! Thank you Tim.”

Jeff LaPenseeTV Actor And Voice Over Pro

Are you an aspiring or current voiceover artist who’s struggling with voiceover technology? Do you want to dramatically increase your understanding of that technology and take control of your recording environment, equipment, recording software and plugins? If you answered yes, then the Audition Ready course is right for you.

Learn from a voiceover pro how to sound like a voiceover pro. No gimmicks, no filler, no opinions. You will learn the facts on exactly what you need, one-on-one, from a pro who has voiced for Nissan, New Balance, Sears, Lexus, Boeing, Craftsman, Pandora and a host of others who have entrusted me to voice their projects. There is no doubt that my technical abilities have played a large role in my voiceover success. But enough about me…let’s talk about how we can up YOUR technology game and get YOU ready to compete at the highest possible level.

During the Audition Ready course you will learn:

➢ How to maximize the quality of your recording environment within your budget and resources.

➢ Proper mic technique, tips and tricks.

➢ How to set proper recording input/output levels using your specific equipment and recording software.

➢ EQ — How it works. Correct settings for your specific mic/voice/room.

➢ COMPRESSION – How it works and when to use it.

➢ NOISE GATES — How they work and how to apply them to your specific environment. When you should or should not use them, and why.

➢ Basic and advanced timesaving techniques that will empower you to voice/edit projects and auditions faster than ever before.

➢ How to save and export various audio formats. What/Why/How/When.

➢ How to easily upload to FTP sites and how to secure massive storage on the same for free.

➢ How to create batch effects and keyboard shortcuts to greatly increase your workflow efficiency.

➢ How to interact and clarify with producers to greatly decrease potential mishaps and misunderstandings.

➢ How to audition and perform without the fear, tension and anxiety that creeps in from not having a firm grasp on your VO technology.

All of the above is learned in the safety and comfort of your own space via Skype. During our one-on-one sessions, you will learn in a practical manner, by applying what you have been taught and submitting it back to me for review and recommendations. This feedback loop occurs up to 3 times between lessons and helps ensure that you not only understand and correctly apply the technology as you work through the course, but more importantly, that it sticks.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who needs to learn VO technology, or even if you’re just starting out. Level the technology playing field and let your talent shine through. Get Audition Ready. Contact me for a free 15 min consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Here’s to your voiceover success!

“If you are even remotely thinking about taking this class, DO IT!!! I cannot express how much this has changed my VO business.I learned so much and I can now record with absolute confidence that my recordings sound great. Since then, I have been booking steadily. THE best investment I have made in my business.”

Heather Mann FosterVoice Over Pro

“Tim’s course is hands-on, specific to your needs and comprehension level, and well worth the price of admission. It changed my knowledge of my own studio setup and allowed me to take more control over my sound and processing. Plus, Tim is a straight up awesome guy, on top of being a VO Tech Guru! Highly recommended!”

Ken FosterVoice Over Pro

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