Learn from a voice over pro how to sound like a voice over pro.

“Seriously. This could not be more easy to understand, and I honestly didn’t think I’d EVER be able to wrap my brain around this stuff. An ABSOLUTE must.”

Jay PrestonVoice Over Pro

“This is the course you’re looking for. The Audition Ready Online course is extremely valuable information that’s delivered in a way that can be easily understood by anyone. If you are in the VO business you NEED a course like this if you don’t already have an extensive background in sound. It’s essential.”

Matt DavisVoice Over Pro

The online version of this course includes everything you’d learn in the one-on-one version and more. Easily learn about acoustics, noise mitigation and cancellation, EQ, compression, downward expansion, proper mic placement and techniques, input/output levels, editing techniques and much, much more. There are currently 300+ students enrolled and counting. There is also a dedicated Facebook group where students interact, ask questions, special content is dropped and comprehension contests are held. If you’re serious about your voice over career, you need to understand the technical side of your journey. Click below for more details and a FREE EQ VIDEO LESSON.